Mankaran Chaudhary
Mumbai, India

Remote geographical locations, such where settlements still thrive and live have always been under the radar of naturally occurring calamities and as we all know off, they have been destroyed completely or either partially due to these natural events. Weather research departments have consistently failed to provide accurate and correct statistics and information vital for the local people and their survival through such events. Such locations can be seen and found out globally where the urban outbreak could not reach and people are yet living in traditional and vernacular style communities and homes. Now these people living in such geographic and climatic conditions throughout the globe, have no access to proper services and also are often found helpless in situations of a natural event wherein the main reasons are lack of knowledge about these upcoming events and also the lack of overall knowledge of the harsh weather conditions prevailing in these regions.

The project of a weather research tower mainly aims to target the people living in such conditions. The sci-fi interpretation of a weather research tower comes from the idea that the lack of facilities should not come in the way of technological advancements and improvements. The world is transitioning into an era of futurism and it is evident in our interpretation of the ‘living world’ in several other fields like fiction, story-telling, films, etc.

The module of 3 main towers are designed such that they can be used in any kind of a geographical location which has severe climatic variations or harsh climatic conditions  throughout the year and work towards providing a better weather based study. The main structural element rising upwards or the ‘stem’ is a central point of access. The semi-circular element on top is thought of as an element or unit of data collection and transmission. The ‘stem’ is broken down into several working aspects where in the central tube works as a capsule lift for vertical circulation and transport and the various cylindrical levels and imagined to be the workstations which cohesively form a research and study facility, where in all 3 towers serve a different purpose and are used for different fields of weather based study. The technology of magnetic levitation is used for several purposes in today’s world out of which the magnetically levitating train is the most current application of this technology. The towers are designed such that they are actually not physically connected to the surface below but are rather levitating in a stable manner wherein the podium like structures work as the magnetic repulsion devices and these 2 collectively work as modules of magnetic levitation. Such technology provides better protection against natural factors and contextual factors and ensure the working status of these towers in any given condition.

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