Jash Bhadricha + Parth Bane
@jashb_10 + @parthbane

The labyrinth performs an extreme of how architecture transforms spatial proximities by the arrangement of boundaries and connections. A labyrinth is perceived as if it has a very straight and linear way to a goal, however, entangled circulations concretizes this journey in a contrasting manner.

Since it is defined as an existence changes continuously by movement, the design gives the sense of Anxiety, Anticipation and Chaos to the user. When a person enters the building the sense of feeling lost causes anxiety, the intricacy of elements and mirrored reflections cause chaos and the casting of light and shadows sense a ray of hope i.e anticipation. The user starts the maze on a platform which will guide him to any of the three emotions but every emotion is connected to each other before you reach the final destination.

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