Disha Gaware
Verona, Italy

Verona Arena is an Amphitheatre built in Roman style of Architecture in Pizza bra in Verona Italy built in the first century. Unlike most of the historical monuments, Verona Arena is still in use and is internationally famous for large scale Opera Performances.Initally proposed with a capacity of 30,000 people but currently holds 22,000.This Structure was composed in pink and white sandstone. Even after centuries this structure stands still reminding us of the time and architecture and the history it has in itself to deliver to the world.

The Arena in the current times is the result of constant removal of materials due to weathering and terrible earthquakes.

The structure has lost the outer periphery with three rows of Arches in Tuscanic style with a height of 31 meters and currently withstands the inner rings with two rows of 72 arches in total built completely in white and pink sandstone.

The excavation under the arena has said to a complex hydraulic system which enabled water to be brought inside the amphitheatre – for the water games and for cleaning up after the cruel fights.

The illustration portrays the involvement of the structure in the lives of the people in Verona.

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