Enrique Yi Ramos
Chiclayo, Peru

For more than fifty years big latin american cities know a social phenomenon that looks like cannot be reverse: the proliferation of neighborhoods of precarious habitat, denominated according to times and countries, favelas, slums, villas-misery, or in a neutral way, human settlements, being the latter term the most used currently in Peru.

The investigation starts from the conceptualization of the general problem called urban degradation and marginality as a result of a process of uneven growth, and in Chiclayo’s case, this imbalance is due to the emergence of slums in remote zones or near to the periphery where they are marked by social fragmentation, distrust and identity problems.

The Urban Degradation that is taking place in San Antonio suburb, Chiclayo; is the main reason why it is intended to establish an investigation where a solution can be develop to the problem mentioned before.

From this highlight the importance of trade, as an activator or factor of economic impulse for growth, and the establishment of new economic dynamics, the suburb of San Antonio is degrading, from the most intimate concept of the term, the integrity of each urban component is being lost, having repercussions in terms of spatiality, housing and public facilities. In response to the problem, an Urban Regeneration is proposed that allows making changes in some measures, for the reactivation of that area.

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