Architects have to stay up-to-date and be visionary in the constantly developing and renewing world. Architectural publications are one of the most important tools that increase this vision. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 most rooted architecture/design magazines. Some of these magazines we recommend you to follow go back 100 years!


Credit: METROPOLIS MAGAZINE – ARCHITECTURE. CULTURE. DESIGN October, 1999: Valerie Gladstone, Caroline Roux, Philip Nobel, Colin Moynihan, Andrew Ross, Ezra Stoller: Books

Metropolis is a well-known design and architecture publication with a heavy emphasis on morality, creativity, and sustainability in the creative industry. The magazine has more than 50,000 subscribers and is published ten times year. Metropolis offers print and digital editorial content that promotes design-focused dialogue across a variety of media. Szenasy’s essays, which emphasize the significance of ethical and sustainable intervention in the education and practices of designers, were heavily influenced by the values of Metropolis.


Futurism is at the heart of Metropolis, which emphasizes the cutting-edge requirements of customers and the environment. By rejecting innovations based on monetary gain and self-interest, the journal explores the role designers may play in correcting the climate problem. The development of a progressive and environmentally sustainable world is encouraged by Metropolis, which places a major emphasis on futurist ideas and sustainability.


The international professional journal DETAIL is published by Detail Publishers and focuses on architectural and building details. Each article focuses on a different component of construction, such as concrete building, roof structures, or renovation, with an emphasis on the caliber of the construction details. Modern examples are chosen from schemes all across the world, and they are illustrated with both images and plans that are scaled consistently. The publication is primarily concerned with presenting new advances through descriptive texts, conceptual drawings, and photographs. The target audience is primarily made up of architects, engineers, and other construction industry professionals.

Credit: DETAIL Magazine Benjamin Antony Monn – Architectural PhotographyBenjamin Antony Monn – BAM Photography (

The journal includes commentaries, topical articles, professional discussions, and special reports, as well as documentations of particular buildings that describe spatial and urban relationships through images, drawings, and explanations, as well as technical information and product details related to the building’s construction, interior design, and furnishings. The product information is frequently supplemented with pictures as well. Reports on numerous events, building and planning law, and building physics are also included. The publication focuses on a different component of building in each issue, using current examples from around the globe to illustrate the point. The projects chosen demonstrate the breadth of the subject being discussed.

Architectural Digest – AD

The American monthly magazine Architectural Digest was first published in 1920. Instead than focusing solely on exterior architecture, its main topics are interior design and landscape. The journal publishes the annual AD100 list, which honors the most significant interior designers and architects worldwide, and is marketed to wealthy and style-conscious consumers under the subtitle “The International Design Authority.”

Credit: AD Magazine Interview — Danny Heller Art

In addition, Architectural Digest runs the well-liked web video series Open Door, which takes an in-depth look at the distinctive residences of many well-known public figures and celebrities.


Frame is a global platform for all professionals in the interior design sector with its main office in Amsterdam. Frame was founded in 1997. Interior design, architecture, product design, and exhibition design are the focus of the magazine FRAME.

Credit: Architecture Magazine Bundle #2 – Buy from LOREM (not Ipsum) (

One of the top periodicals for interior design is Frame magazine. The journal has remained true to its objective from its founding in 1997: promoting interior architecture as a creative industry that is just as significant as design and architecture.


Gio Ponti and Barnabite father Giovanni Semeria launched the architecture and design publication Domus in 1928. The magazine, which is published by Editoriale Domus and has its headquarters in Rozzano, Milan, is published 11 times a year on a monthly basis.

Credit: Get your digital copy of Domus India-September 2017 issue (

Since its inception, Domus has investigated a wide range of nuances in the domains of architecture, the applied arts, industrial design, art, urban planning, editorial and commercial graphics, and digital communications. This exploration has always been done from an international viewpoint.

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