Are you new to architecture school? If you have just started the faculty of architecture or if you are an architecture student for a long time, in this article, we talked about all the items you need in school. Architecture faculties where the discipline of architecture is taught, which is somewhere between art and science, also requires having some artistic and scientific items.

Architectural Materials

We talked about the architectural materials you need, drawing materials, model making items and of course the tools you will need during the digital drawing and project process. At the end of the article, we talked about the contents of the books you should have as an architecture student. If you want to have more detailed information about the book, you can read our previous articles that we recommend books for architecture students.

Drawing Items

In the faculty of architecture, you must do hand drawing, especially in the first years. Apart from this, there are sketch materials that every architect should have.

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It is important for both students and architects to have quality sketchbooks. Your taste in sketchbook is up to you. You can get a few sketchbooks with few pages and decide which one will be your favourite.

-Lovely Markers

Markers and drawing pens are a passion! Make your sketches much more enjoyable and unique by getting lovely markers and drawing pens.

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Rulers will be especially helpful for your technical drawing and construction studies. You can also purchase metal rulers in your ruler shopping and use them to make models.

Modelling Items

We talked a lot about making models, we will always talk. Because good architects have always made models throughout history. That’s why you’re going to make lots of models at the faculty of architecture.

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-Model Making Materials

What you need to make models can be model cardboards and kraft papers. Our advice to you is to make models by recycling unused cardboard and paper throughout your school life. You do not need to buy very expensive materials to make models. Architects think with models, that is, since you will make many models, you can be economical and use waste paper and cardboard.

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-Auxiliary Elements

Auxiliary elements save your life while modeling. They are life savers. Good and quick glues, quality nail brushes, metal rulers, pins and more!

Computer Elements


In order to create your digital drawings and 3D models, get quality renders and prepare great presentations, you will need a good computer with which architectural software can easily run. You can make the biggest financial investment of the faculty of architecture on your computer.


Tablets and iPads are actually not essential for architectural education. However, you will find it difficult to carry a computer, especially in studio classes, when there are many materials and loads. For this reason, you can easily carry out your presentations by carrying your tablet or iPad. In addition, we have given many app recommendations in previous articles for those who want to draw on iPad.


Most architectural software is free for students. If you have a powerful computer, get all the 2D and 3D drawing software you need. Of course, don’t forget to download Photoshop or Illustrator for great presentations.


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As we have stated in our articles where we give book recommendations for architecture students, it is very important for architecture students to read. As you read, you will form your ideas about architecture theory and you will become a better architect. Theory of architecture and history of architecture books should be parts of your library. You also need to get architectural drawing techniques books and important building knowledge references like Neufert to help you in school.

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