A side hustle is different from a second job in that it’s not only about increasing your income. Your side business is something you genuinely like doing and would probably continue to do anyway, but now you can share it with the world and earn some additional money while doing it. In this article, we will talk about how you can finance the work you enjoy doing or can get as a side income. In fact, we will have recommendations that look like “work” but do not work as if it were your second or primary job. Before following these recommendations, be sure how you define yourself as an architect, what you need financially and know yourself. An architect who does not know himself and the areas he enjoys well may not be able to generate a good additional income after this article!

Credit: 8 Essential Skills Needed to Be an Archi|Articles (amazingarchitecture.com)

Side hustle is more about improving your budget without worrying about the money you need. Side income opportunities expand your budget and give you the opportunity to earn money without any stress, without affecting your advancement in the profession of architecture.

Side Income Alternatives for Architects

If you’re unsure which of the income options is best for you, think about the ones that you are most passionate about and those you can start with little to no money. And feel free to check out this if you’re interested in learning about new methods to generate money.

Today, there are a lot of companies eager to recruit skilled architects and they’re prepared to pay you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to work remotely for them.

And while you might be worried about what this means for filing your taxes, the good news is that with freelancer deductions you can actually reduce the tax complexity you face when it’s time for your return to be sent off, so long as you are properly prepared and also rigorous in your bookkeeping.

Credit: Architect Definition [Ideas+Career] (architecturelab.net)
Making Money from YouTube Channel

While it may sound daunting and a lot of work, starting a YouTube channel is much easier than you think. One of the most famous architecture YouTube channels are Architectural Digest where they share educational videos about various architecture topics such as different house designs, best tools to use, how to pass your exams, etc.

As a YouTuber, you can make money primarily from Google AdSense. You can also make money with affiliate marketing to join best affiliate programs, sponsorships and by selling your own products.

Freelance Projects

This is a fantastic job to pursue for any architects who want to work from home because cities have been closed down and residents have been instructed to stay at home.

You can take freelance work linked to architecture online, such as developing plans, completing CAD, BIMx, Adobe, etc. projects, or offering any online support that fits your talents and abilities.

Credit: 8 Essential Skills Needed to Be an Archi|Articles (amazingarchitecture.com)

Content Writing

If writing is one of your interests, you might want to think about taking up freelance writing as a side business for architects. You may choose to write about any subject as a freelancer and post your work on content mills, platforms designed exclusively for authors of various experience levels.

Make Money from Hobbies

Architects are active people to improve their design abilities, stay up to date and be aware of all kinds of technological and cultural developments. Everything you deal with and spend time as an architect should be in the subjects that will strengthen your design power and abilities. Subjects that are the interests of architects concern society because architecture affects society in every period of life. For this reason, the hobbies of architects are also visionary and innovative. All architects who increase creativity and visionary hobbies who want to generate additional income can use it. For example, if you are an architect dealing with any branch of art, you can develop this hobby to generate additional income for yourself. It is also possible to earn money while doing your hobbies with different activities such as ceramic workshops and watercolor drawing workshops. You can even sell digitally or physically in different marketplaces!

Credit: Architect Definition [Ideas+Career] (architecturelab.net)
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