Glass is one of the most preferred materials both in interior design and building facades. We wanted to talk about glass, which is the most liked and preferred material of contemporary architecture and modernism. In addition, we shared this article with you in order to mention the use of glass especially in interior design. In this article, you can find everything about the use of glass in interior design. It is possible to see the types of glass used in the interior together with their types, purposes and applications.

Fluted Glass

Credit: What is Fluted Glass (Ribbed Glass/Moru Glass)? | VSOM GLASS

Fluted glass is among the materials that have been frequently preferred in the interior in recent years. Interior spaces where fluted glass is used are generally in residences. The reason for this is the difficulty of providing privacy when fluted glass is used to separate spaces from each other. Fluted glass is a preferred material for private housing designs in wet areas such as showers.

Credit: fluted glass doors | Interior Design Ideas (

Glass Staircases

Credit: 75 Glass Staircase Ideas You’ll Love – January, 2023 | Houzz

Are you interested in glass stairs, one of the most beautiful uses of glass? The design of glass stairs and glass balustrades by interior architects in private property and housing designs where circulation is low has been quite successful in recent years.

Credit: Calgary Interior Glass Handrail Systems Deck Railings | {AC Glass and Mirror}

It is possible to design glass stairs as spiral staircases or as two-armed staircases. As in every staircase design, it is necessary to follow important details.

Atriums and Roof Openings

Credit: Best of Est | Atriums | Architecture and Design | est living
Credit: Medical center’s impressive glass roof spans lush green oasis (

In spatial design, the place of courtyards, roof openings, atriums, that is, “voids” is very valuable. An architect or interior designer who successfully designs the space needs to set up light in the space. Glass material is used to successfully design this light and the dialogue between the exterior and the interior. We know that glass is used in the atrium and roof openings to provide controlled light to the space. Besides, there are successful examples of the use of glass to establish a strong dialogue between the courtyard exterior and interior.

Credit: A Glass House That Overlooks the English Countryside in Every Direction – Mansion Global
Credit: Nothingness: 10 Perfect Minimalist Interiors – Architizer Journal

Glass in Office Design

Credit: 11 Office Interior Design Ideas for Inspiration | Avanti Systems (

The use of glass in office designs is a necessity! Glass is the only material that will provide the opportunity to design an open-plan office while providing the same main sound insulation. It is possible to apply an open office plan in offices with the use of glass to separate the spaces. Combining glass with different materials, opaque textures and colors is a very popular design approach in offices.

Credit: Mastering Office Design with Frameless Glass Walls | NanaWall
Credit: Custom Glass Partitions for Offices. Workspace Solution | Blog (

Seperator Walls

Credit: Black Framed Glass Doors Are A Prominent Feature Of This Apartment’s Interior Design (

In interior designs, especially for residences, interior designers from Fort Lauderdale say that separator walls are a smart and stylish solution to separate private areas from common areas and to divide the wet space such as the living room or dressing room.

Credit: Black Framed Glass Doors Are A Prominent Feature Of This Apartment’s Interior Design (

The use of glass to separate spaces with the separating walls method is one of the most elegant solutions of glass. We recommend using glass doors or dividing glass walls to separate the dining areas from the living area or the dressing areas from the bedrooms.

Credit: Glass Room Dividers | Interior Sliding Doors Partitions | Doors22
Credit: Vandeborne by Blanco Architecten (
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