Description: Financial difficulties can often be a major factor in undergraduates dropping out of educational institutions. Inadequate support from faculty and staff can also lead to undergraduates feeling overwhelmed and choosing to drop out.

The Main Reasons Students Drop Out of College

Many schoolers mistakenly believe that their academic life at school is overly complicated. They change their mind instantly when they get into college or university. Life in college is more complicated because of various factors. Oftentimes, those factors are too much for teenagers who are still in a delicate period of their lives. They can lead to drop out of university.

Why do students dropout of college? It’s a good question that cannot be answered with one sentence. There are many factors that may spoil everything for a teenager. Our informative guide will cast some light on the main reasons for dropping out of college. We believe that if you know what to expect, you will be able to select the most effective solutions to prevent the problem.

Peer Pressure

One of the most unexpected reasons why do students drop out of college is teen pressure. Unfortunately, bullying is one of the typical problems of most educational institutions. Other teens may be very cruel and assault or humiliate their peers just for fun. Youngsters cannot withstand this pressure and decide to leave their colleges.

New Environment

Many freshers cannot withstand new conditions around them. There are new rules, expectations, people, traditions of college, and so on. At times, they are too much for a young and yet unformed mind. This is one of the possible reasons why students drop out of college.

Higher Demands

The college has much higher demands compared to school analogs. Even the simplest essay should be written more creatively and in a more sophisticated manner. There is no room for simplicity. Not all former schoolers can meet higher standards for academic writing.

Many schoolers find out that their academic skills are too weak for the college they attend. This leads to the loss of many vital grades. Yes, they can use a good custom essay writing service. Nevertheless, it’s a temporal solution. They still need plenty of time to catch up with higher demands. In the meanwhile, their academic ratings are lower to the bottom.

Mental Issues

Unfortunately, learning in college is one of the typical and most frequent triggers that start various kinds of mental ailments in students. Depression is a common ailment of many US college students. They live through incredible stress, anxiety, and pressure. When the mind is not ready for mental challenges, it gives up and leads to disastrous consequences. Some of them may remain with a teen for the rest of his/her days. Therefore, such students should obligatorily look for professional aid at the first signs of mental deviations.


One of the most typical reasons why students drop out of college is homesickness. Many teens just cannot live without their homes and common occupations. Their parents and friends are far away. This induces a lot of stress and unpleasant feelings. If a student does not receive professional mental support on time, he or she may drop out of college just to return to the hometown. Youngsters ignore incredible career perspectives and almost ruin their lives.

Problems Inside the Family

Just like some folks fail because they are far from their families, others may drop out because of problems inside their families. The reasons are different – violence, financial issues, illness, debt, misunderstanding, etc. Various triggers can kill any desire to study. So, students just quit.

Private Tragedies

The percentage of students who drop out of college increases because of all kinds of private tragedies. Every teen can live a personal trauma that leads to stress, depression, and a lack of motivation to study. Here are some common kinds of personal tragedies:

  • Problems with life affairs;
  • A loss of friends or relatives;
  • Feeling abandoned;
  • Thinking you cannot be understood, etc.


When a student goes for higher education, all his or her problems become twice as difficult as they used to be at school. It is vital to be able to deal with them quickly and effectively. Some can be solved with the help of professional psychologists. Others can be handled due to writing apps that help to boost your academic skills. You should never forget that you need to realize your problems, get prepared for challenges, and find the right solutions to them. Thus, you will never drop out of college.

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