How Do You Spend Your Time on the Internet?

As architecture students, It’s important to keep in mind that the internet can be a source of distraction and time-wasting. So, architecture students should try to balance their online activities with offline activities such as sketching, model-making, and site visits. I can provide some general suggestions on how architecture students can make the most of their time on the internet. Before we talk about websites that are useful for architects, we would like to talk about the importance of spending time on these websites for architecture students.

Benefits of Architectural Websites

Architectural websites are online platforms that provide information, resources, and tools related to the field of architecture. These websites offer a range of benefits for architecture students, including:

  • Access to information: Architectural websites provide students with access to a wealth of information on different architectural styles, techniques, and trends. This can be useful for students who want to expand their knowledge beyond what is covered in their courses.
  • Inspiration: Architectural websites often feature galleries of stunning architectural designs from around the world. This can inspire students to think creatively and develop their own unique design ideas.
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  • Resources: Many architectural websites offer resources such as free CAD (computer-aided design) software, 3D models, and tutorials. These resources can be invaluable for students who want to improve their skills and develop their portfolios.
  • Networking: Architectural websites can also be a great way for students to connect with other architecture students and professionals. This can lead to valuable networking opportunities, job offers, and mentorship.
  • Career guidance: Some architectural websites provide career guidance and job listings. This can help students navigate the job market and find employment opportunities that match their skills and interests.

Architectural websites offer a wide range of benefits for architecture students. They provide access to information, inspiration, resources, networking opportunities, and career guidance, all of which can help students succeed in their studies and beyond.

Useful Architectural Websites

Inspiration is an important part of the creative process for architecture students, and the internet can be a great source of inspiration for them. You can use internet for online art galleries, you may follow architectural news and current articles of blog pages. Also, using social media actively is very significant to be a good architect nowadays. Here are some useful websites for architects and architecture students:

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  • ArchDaily – One of the most popular architecture websites, ArchDaily features news, articles, and projects from around the world.
  • Dezeen – A leading online design magazine, Dezeen covers architecture, interiors, and product design, and features a range of news, features, and videos.
  • Architizer – Architizer is a platform for architects to showcase their work and connect with potential clients. It also features news, articles, and interviews with architects.
  • The Architect’s Newspaper – This website provides news, commentary, and analysis of architecture and urbanism in the United States.
  • Archinect – Archinect is a platform for architects to connect with each other, find jobs, and share their work. It also features news, articles, and a discussion forum.
  • Designboom – Designboom covers a range of design disciplines, including architecture, product design, and art. It features news, interviews, and galleries of work.
Credit: Designboom acquired by rival websites Architonic and ArchDaily (
  • Bldgblog – Bldgblog is a blog about architecture, landscape, and the built environment, featuring a range of essays, interviews, and images.
  • World Architecture Community – World Architecture Community is a platform for architects to share their work, connect with each other, and participate in design competitions.

There are much more architecture websites we have given examples. Depending on your interests and needs, you may find other websites that are more relevant to you.

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