The kitchen is the heart of the home, and most homeowners prioritize this area when it’s time to renovate or do some upgrades. According to a recent survey, 33 percent of homeowners plan to renovate their kitchen this year to make it more attractive. In 2023, kitchen design styles such as French Country, Contemporary Mediterranean, Midcentury, and Country Kitchen are highly recommended by interior designers. But if you want a clean and simple look, consider choosing a modern interior design scheme for your kitchen. This design style not only helps to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics, but it can also boost its functionality. Here’s how to design the ultimate modern kitchen for your home.

Pick a Neutral Color Palette

Choosing a neutral color palette is the first step to achieving a modern look for your kitchen. Consider picking light colors to make your kitchen look bigger and give it a fresh look. Start by painting all the walls and the ceiling with white paint, then replace the flooring with vinyl wood planks. This type of flooring material is waterproof, low maintenance, and it can mimic the look of natural wood, so it’s perfect to use in the kitchen. Next, use tiles with a marble effect or white subway tiles for the backsplash. Don’t forget to paint the cabinets and drawers in a pale color, such as a cool light grey.

Install a Modular Kitchen 

If you have an older home, you may want to consider installing a modular kitchen since adding premade countertops and cabinets to your cooking space can instantly change its aesthetic. Opting for preassembled cabinets can significantly streamline the installation process, ensuring both style and functionality blend seamlessly. When choosing a modular kitchen, make sure to determine your ideal counter height and choose neutral colors so you can easily switch up the look of your kitchen if you want to do so someday. You should also choose kitchen appliances during the design process so that they can be perfectly incorporated into the layout. This includes the stove, refrigerator, oven, and for some homes, the washer and dryer.

Keep your modular kitchen in good condition by cleaning spills immediately and wiping down surfaces as often as needed. Your appliances should also be thoroughly cleaned to prevent grease and dirt from spreading into the nooks and crannies of your modular kitchen. Ovens and refrigerators should be deep cleaned once every three months. Don’t forget to deep clean your washing machine with a dedicated cleaner every month.

Add Accessories and Pops of Color

To finish the look of your kitchen, you’ll need to add a few accessories and some pops of color here and there to make it look warm and inviting. Think about installing sculptural pendant lights above the counter, and some black or brass hardware on the cabinets and drawers. You can also replace your kitchen faucet to match the look of your cabinet hardware. Even replacing your table legs with more contemporary and stylish ones is a great way to incorporate an element to your space that’s new and refreshing. Display some vibrantly colored crockery on open shelves, and hang a piece of abstract art on one wall. Finally, add one large potted plant to your space, and place it in the corner of your kitchen.

A modern design scheme can make your kitchen look fresh and appealing. By choosing the right colors and adding new features and accessories, you can design the ultimate modern kitchen for your home.

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