Hello to everyone, instead of architectural discussions and projects, this time I want you to take you to Milan Design Week 2019! For the people who haven’t been in design week before, I strongly recommended you to prepare your mental and physical body for it! The reason is obvious, all around the world, designers, architects and people who are interested in design week are coming in Milan to be part of it. There are lots of exhibitions, installations around the city and unfortunately, it’s impossible to see everything. That is why, first, you should choose the places you want to go, then start visiting early in the morning and remember, it can be the most important tip for design week, you can’t imagine the queues for the exhibitions!

In my opinion, the most impressive exhibitions are designed by fashion brands, like COS, Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari. However except these, the feeling was unexplainable when I was visiting  Tenoha exhibition.

COS, designed a shape, a mesh we can say, and printed with 3D printer. It has two different colors ; brown and white. Designers brought these objects together and made a pavilion, when you enter the atrium, that pavilion appears.

Photo: Begum Sardan
Source: Globestyles

You can watch the video below about Bvlgari. The colors, music and the videos they have shown, have an unbelievable harmony. End of the route, you reach at a room that they exhibit the Bvlgari rings, it’s simple and glorious at the same time.

I must admit it, before visiting, I saw the photos and videos about Tenoha and didn’t impress so much, but still I wanted to go. I waited for 1.5 hours to get in on Saturday, at around 4 pm, then finally, I made it.

There are lots of flower shaped objects, made from a kind of plastic sheet we can say, they have different height levels. But the thing is, because of the plastic sheet material, depends on the light, their shadow changes. Also the room is totally white and when you get in, you just feel an unexplainable feeling, like it’s magical.

Source: designboom
Source: designboom
Source: designboom

Last, but not least, I want you to take you to Via Tortona.

My favorite is Lexus installation at Super Studio. Lexus is one of the light companies, known all around the world. They have a choreography with moving boards, light and a lady. It was totally amazing. You can watch the performance below.

Another exhibition you can find at Via Tortona is realised by British sculptor Alex Chinneck – which sees the front of a building “unzipping” off.

Source: wonderlandmagazine

As a said at the beginning, it’s impossible to go all of the exhibitions but I hope this article will give you an inspiration and make you join in design week 2020! For much more about design week you can check my Instagram page, @begumsardan !

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