Email newsletters have been around for years. There isn’t a single proven marketing technique that doesn’t incorporate email newsletters for sales promotion or for generating faithful customers of your brand. It takes very little time and effort to make your customers feel connected with your brand and to show that you value them. This is why newsletter content marketing is a perfect way to let your clients know about your new products, events, promotion codes, sales, etc.

Pay Attention to Your Newsletter Design

Let’s say you’ve got your newsletter campaign all figured out, but now you need to create the actual emails that look good and are easy to read, with beautiful digital elements and other objects you can edit according to your liking. This is where a handy html email template generator comes in. It allows you to build a professional-looking email from scratch or use appealing pre-made templates. You can customize every element of your email using your intuition to make it look eye-catching.

How to Create an Effective Email Newsletter

You should follow a few simple rules when creating an email newsletter to avoid redundancy. These are the best practices for email newsletters you can currently implement to promote your business. If you consider these tips, you will not have any problems gaining all the attention you need from your customers. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Strive for a simple design
  • Try not to overdo it
  • Keep the aim of your newsletter in mind
  • Use concise call to action

It’s also good to run a small test once you’ve designed your email newsletter campaign to see what works best. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing the design or choosing a different CTA button.

Trendy Email Newsletter Practices to Look Out For

The best practices for newsletters allow you to effectively grab your customers’ attention and invoke interest to open each and every email you send them. It’s important to be cohesive with your email newsletter campaign. So, let’s dive in!

Individuality Is a Must

Your brand has to stand out from the rest and have its own voice. This applies to the design, too! Use special fonts that correlate with your brand and the palette used in your brand’s landing page or logo design. The more individual your newsletter looks, the more likely it is to catch the recipient’s attention.

Spice Up Your Emails With Quality Images

This may sound like a simple idea, but garnering your customers’ attention is all about gorgeous design and eye-catching visuals. Don’t be afraid to use beautiful stock photos to promote your products or increase sales.

Create Pretty CTA Buttons

Using a call to action is a must when it comes to successful newsletter campaigns. Make sure your CTA is concise and easy to read. To make it even more powerful, use beautiful, bold designs so it stands out even more.

GIFs Can Make a Change

Using animated pictures can greatly amplify the message of your email and help the customer get a better understanding of what you’re selling or offering. It’s especially impactful when you’re advertising products so the potential buyer can have a better look at the item you’re selling. Holiday GIFs can also do wonders for your email newsletters.

Use Games and Quizzes

Whether you are a kid or an adult, it is still fun to play simple games once in a while. You may think of developing a quiz on your customers’ topics of interest. This will definitely have a significant impact on sales, as people will be much more curious about what you are advertising to them.

Pay Attention to Your Preheader

This line of text appears right after the subject line of your email, and you can always use it to your advantage, making it appealing to the reader. What you can do is:

  1. Make it short
  2. Consider adding emojis
  3. Avoid spammy words that are overused (e.g., amazing)

This is one of the best practices for newsletters that content marketing creators often overlook.


Internet marketing is everchanging, but one thing remains the same – email newsletter campaigns are as effective as they were a few years ago. It’s always best to incorporate fresh newsletter practices to stay on top of the game. Make sure that your newsletter’s design is cohesive and looks professional. Use the palette and fonts of your brand’s logo or landing page. Compose your emails bearing the message of your campaign in mind and incorporate sleek CTAs. It is always wise to use beautifully designed call-to-action buttons to catch your customer’s attention.

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