Learning from the Masters of Architecture, TED Talks

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Learning from the Masters of Architecture, TED Talks

Since many years, from each department of life, people have been talking about their ideas, projects on TED talks during 15 – 20 minutes. Of course these people are the most experienced and successful ones we can say. Luckily us, even if we can’t get a chance to be at that conference in real life, we can reach the videos of it.
Today, I would like to suggest you the talks that I have selected for you about architecture. In that videos as you will realize, some architects mention about their projects, some of them talk about the architecture in our life. As far as I am concerned the most important thing is, you can reach the experiences of them and expand your horizon, doesn’t matter if it is about a specific project or not.

So, here they are, including the old and recent ones, enjoy !


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