Revit is one of the most advanced and preferred Autodesk software that you can do modelling with Building Information Technology. We have listed the best YouTube channels for you to follow to learn Revit and BIM.

Balkan Architect

The most popular and most subscribed YouTube channel is definitely Balkan Architects. Thanks to this channel, you can learn modeling from many scales related to Revit. If you have any problems, we are sure that they have a video about it. If you wish, you can follow the playlists on the YouTube channel and improve your modeling skills by watching them from start to finish. With its fluent and understandable English narration, Balkan Architects is a very good choice for watching Revit tutorials.

CAD in Black

Cad in black is a channel that has not only Revit tutorial videos, but also videos that include other Autodesk software. You can watch the relevant playlist to improve yourself in Revit modeling. You will also learn well how it works with other software such as Autocad. We can say that it is a basic to intermediate level Revit training.

That BIM Girl

This is a useful YouTube channel that teaches BIM technology and coding on Revit as well as architectural Revit modelling. That BIM Girl is a channel with good content along with her entertaining style and narration. There are also Enscape tutorial videos for rendering after Revit modelling. You can follow “that girl” who is sharing Revit Tips from basic to advanced.

Revit Tutorials

This channel, as the name suggests, is one of the channels that teaches Revit quite clearly. You can follow playlists such as MEP tutorials or Family tutorials on the channel, and you can cover your shortcomings in Revit modeling with videos. It is a slightly more advanced channel and will really improve your Revit skills.

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