Mohamed Ghoneim + Malak ElGarawany
Bayreuth, Germany
Technical University of Munich
@mgarawani + @mohghoneim

The Festival Theatre in Bayreuth was built by Richard Wagner on the Green Hill in the 19th century.

“The originally temporary character of the house has been consolidated through additions, conversions, and ancillary buildings. The need for behind-the-scenes areas, for workshops and supply structures, led to a confused mixture of structures grouped around the festival hall; without any fundamental spatial concepts for the Green Hill. The world of production around the historic festival hall is to be reorganized ”.

The aim is to create an environment appropriate to the historical building and thus to bring it back into focus. One volume for all areas of use should serve as a separate backstage of the festival theater. This creates a clear separation between the public and the private.

In the core of the factory-like unit, a large inner courtyard enables deliveries and serves as a preparation area for the transport of the scenery to the festival theatre. The restaurant area is on the southwestern edge of the building for a good view of the festival hall and the park.



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