Rhino, a 3D modeling software based on NURBS geometry, has been very popular in recent years. There are videos on Youtube that will be useful for you to learn Rhino, where you can do architectural modeling both with Grossopher and independently. Let’s have look the best YouTube channels for learning Rhino below.

Rhino4 Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a Rhino 3D plugin. Grasshopper allows you to drag and drop components into a canvas using a visual programming interface that runs inside Rhino. It will be very good for you to learn Rhino with this plugin, especially for parametric designs. As the name suggests, the Rhino Grasshopper YouTube channel has videos on this subject that anyone starting from scratch can benefit from. Check it out if you want to learn how to make perfect Rhino modeling with Grasshopper.

Christopher McAdams

Christopher McAdams’ channel has a very rich content on Rhino modeling and Vray rendering. You can access all the tutorial videos you need for perfect modeling and rendering. His videos will allow you to get advanced models in Rhino with Grasshopper and Vray plugins.

Colin Rennie

The next YouTube channel, Rhino Ya is a recommendation for beginners videos about surfaces, masses, camera setup for rendering.  With Colin Rennie’s YouTube channel you can improve your Rhino skills on basic modeling.

Nigel Gough

Again, we have a recommendation for those who want to learn settings such as modeling from the basic level, camera and materials for rendering. Nigel Gough’s YouTube channel simply covers the tricks of modeling in Rhino and good rendering with quality materials. In addition, it produces content that will improve your representation skills with Photoshop videos.

Lands Design

One of the most professional YouTube channels in its field is Lands Design. You will find very detailed and quality content on landscape design and modeling on their YouTube channel. Lands Design comes to the fore with Rhino’s training videos, where they produce beautiful landscape visuals and renders. If you are interested, you can enhance the landscape design and modeling skills, which is a very important subject in architectural modeling, thanks to this channel.

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