Alexandra Pituru
Caracal, Romania

People have lost the genuine connection with nature and our basic instinct to grow food due to industrialisation and globalisation. In the near future, countries developed around agriculture might emerge as global keys. Romania had been known for its agriculture, therefore it can be brought back as a development pole.

The proposal is answering the current issues Caracal City is facing: depopulation and ignorance of the geographical potential . The intention is to increase the efficiency of The Agricultural Research Station of Caracal, which already has national importance.

The intervention plays a key-role in tissue regeneration, but also on a social, economic and urban scale through empowerment. Social inclusion, creation of a sustainable and responsible community with vision are the main goals. Altogether, this is happening in the context of Caracal as an important pole for the surrounding villages, but also for the country’s Southern area in terms of agriculture.

This project aims to explore the architectural solutions, to understand the overall characteristics of the community while creating an area that can truly reconnect people to their inherent being of working the fields. The solution could be linking diverse agricultural subfunctions by a multidisciplinary approach that helps bringing agriculture back in the mind of people, in the everyday discussions. City residents, researchers, students, all converging around a common purpose, growth of life through architecture.

To achieve this, the concept is the integration of education and agriculture. A built environment intertwined with fields’ pattern creates different types of spaces and continuous surfaces. It connects functions, people and vegetation.

Moving along with the linear shape of the agriculture “blanket” on the site, the architecture takes retrive the lines as a base for the buildings. By extension, the field becomes building and building becomes fields, exploiting all the potential of the site.

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