A new segment of the construction industry is creating new techniques to minimize building time and costs. Other companies are breaking into international markets by presenting new construction models that use fewer materials, have more structural strength, and provide greater comfort, based on previously recognized construction techniques. They’re also creating smart materials that may be customized to fit any construction requirement.

Photo Credit: www.armo-system.com

Juan Manuel Reyes of Armados Omega and architect Jorge Capistrán have devised a revolutionary, low-cost building technique that also reduces construction time by 50% as part of this new industry breakthrough. It doesn’t require binders, mixes, or expert labor because it uses single module blocks.

According to Juan Manuel Reyes,  the system is made up of six self-supporting self-assembly parts. A metal rod is placed every 80 cm, without the need for a particular foundation, to create a structure in which pipes and wiring may be installed without difficulty.

Photo Credit: www.armo-system.com

The rationale behind this assembly is that lengthy training or additional building systems that complicate the assembly process or increase construction expenses are no longer necessary.

The concept behind this assembly is that it eliminates the need for significant training or side-building systems that complicate the assembly process or increase construction expenses.

Photo Credit: www.armo-system.com

In addition, due to its double face masonry wall feature, it is a material with high thermal resistance. We can say that it is a durable material that provides energy efficiency at high and low temperatures.

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