In recent years, social media has been very trendy, both to enhance skills in architectural education and to follow current developments in professional life. There are many channels with related architecture that will entertain and tutor to substracts on YouTube. Below you can see YouTube channels with various videos for students and professionals, from sketching to the construction processes of architectural designs.


The Modmin channel is a platform where students can simply develop their sketching skills. There are also Revit training videos on the channel, which makes sketching fun and instructive with monthly sketch challenges. You can find a comprehensive range of sketching training videos, from drawing sections to texture drawings.


Dezeen YouTube channel, the world-famous online design and architecture magazine, has a wide variety of videos in parallel with the magazine’s contents. On this channel, where you can find everything from large-scale projects to design, you can also watch interviews with many designers. Spending time on the Dezeen channel is one of the fun ways to immerse yourself in the world of architecture.

Architectural Digest

We can recommend Archi Digest channel for those who want to watch content related to the world of architecture both professionally and entertainingly.  We may recommend the Archi Digest channel for those who want to watch content related to the world of architecture both professionally and entertainingly. You will find international modern designs and many projects that will interest you in detail in the contents of this channel. While you examine the current architectural designs closely, you can watch with pleasure how much they cost to the lives of the users.

How to Architect

Doug Patt started this channel in 2008 and has since written a book of the same name.  In this channel, you will find all kinds of tutorials: architectural terms, styles, lettering, tutorials on models and the most important one is you will learn the professional experience of architects from him. Whether you have just started in Architecture, or want to increase your knowledge, How to Architect channel is a pretty nice YouTube channel to spending your time.

30X40 Design Workshop

30X40 Design Workshop YouTube channel focuses on residental buildings in Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine in the United States.The channel is runing by Eric Reinholt, who is the author of a series of books called Architect + Entrepreneur. The content on Reinholt’s channel is varied, including tutorials on specific skills and more general advice videos. You may find a way to improve your portfolio or learn how to manage your time generally in 30X40 Design Workshop channel.

Land Space Architecture

Land Space is a very entertaining and instructive YouTube channel with a lot of content explaining how architectural images, diagrams, and graphics are created. In the Land Space channel, which we recommend especially for students, there are contents where you can learn landscape design and architectural diagrams in the best way, as in Instagram accounts. Videos about where to find elements (PNG, brushes, etc.) for diagrams and presentations or how to make analysis and presentation techniques will be very helpful.

Archi Hacks

Archi Hacks is a YouTube channel of Canadian Bennett Oh, who has previously worked for OMA and BIG. Even one of the channel’s most popular videos is about the portfolio that he presents to both of these firms. You may improve your skills on Photoshop and Rhino with Oh’s tutorials and experiences on YouTube. The ones who are interested in architecture, design, and urban planning find very beneficial Archi Hacks channel.

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