In professional life, competitions offer a space of freedom to freelance architects, while enabling academic architects to project their discourses. Architectural project competitions are awarded to architects working in two different fields; gives the opportunity to test their knowledge and the architectural discourses they produce under equal conditions. In addition, it will be a good experience for architecture students, and they develop their portfolios and visions by participating in competitions. So, what are the tips to win in architectural competitions?

Determine Your Goal

If you want to participate in a competition, you need set a goal for yourself. What do you want to gain from this? Architectural competitions take a lot of time and effort, and most of them require a registration fee. So, before taking on this challenge, always ask yourself this kind of questions.

In addition, aside from the prize, there are several benefits to participation in architectural competitions: building a strong personal portfolio, improving design thinking and skill, taking a break from ordinary school or corporate projects, and so on. The list goes on and on, and none of them require winning positions. You need do determine your goals.

Right Team and Competition

After determining your goal, it is very important to choose right team and right competition depending on this goal. Since there are projects that require a lot of effort in competitions, make a choice on the subject you want to work on in order to achieve your goal. For example, participate in urban design competitions if you want to work on an urban scale, or Architectural Ideas Competitions if you have frivolous ideas and application of the Project is not important to you. In order not to have any problems during the competition process, you should create a team that includes people whose architectural skills and ideas you trust and who will take responsibility.

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Read Brief & Criteria Carefully

It is important to read the competition specifications and briefs carefully, to talk about it again and again and to hold meetings. It is necessary to apply the criteria in a timely and complete manner and to understand what is required conceptually.

Good Presentation

If the jury is influenced by your architectural representation style, your project will stand out. Of course, a project that you do not present should have clear and well-read posters. In addition, presentation techniques should be consistent and have a certain style. Having good presentations that make you proud as much as the content of the project in competitions can allow you to get the prize.

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Get Critics

Sometimes in a project that you have been working hard on, you may find it difficult to see the details. Therefore, it may be necessary to receive criticism or counseling from someone other than your team mates. If you want to win competitions, you must be open to criticism.

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