All architects use textures in their architectural presentations and visualizations such as post-productions. In order to have high-quality architectural visuals, the elements that are used must also be high resolution. In this article, we have recommended some websites that you can download the textures you need for free.

This website has seamless PBR textures. There are alternavite textures with diffuse, occlusion, specularity and rouphess maps for users. They have divided into categories, is simple to navigate, and includes beautiful renderings of the material made with all of the maps.

Photo Source: 3D TEXTURES | Free seamless PBR textures with Diffuse, Normal, Displacement, Occlusion, Specularity and Roughness Maps.

This website is very user-friendly with a large selection of textures of all types. It’s arranged with categories and sub-categories, and it also lets you know when a texture is seamless with a label, which is quite useful.

Photo Source: Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!

There are countless stock textures on this website, which comes up with a simple interface and a search bar. You can easily download the images you need on this website, which has a very large stock texture archive.

Photo Source: 7 Free Online Texture Libraries – The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat

Besides downloading textures with high quality and high resolution, it is a website where you can download great pictures. You can download any text you want by searching for Texture in the search bar on the website.

Photo Source: Pexels
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