Hearing Architecture

Architecture can be heard, as Rasmussen mentions in his book Experiencing Architecture. Most of the people would not say that architecture can be heard, but it can be seen and heard as well. While the lights and colors seen in architecture are the sounds that are heard. Obviously, everything you perceive in an architectural space is objective.

The subject of light in architecture affects the form decisions of architects. Taking the light into the space and directing it in the space is always a part of the design. However, hearing is as important as seeing. The amazing effect of sound should be considered in architecture.

Photo Source: Pinterest

While designing the spaces, the movements of people can be built on the propagation of sounds. Likewise, acoustic elements such as the use of colors can be used to change the perception of space. For example, cool colors, light walls and reflective surfaces with plenty of light are preferred for making the space larger. Considering the acoustic effect of the space, the space can be shown larger than it is with a strong effect.

The warmer and more intimate design of a room is as much about the acoustics as the colors of the walls in the room. It is perceived more comfortably as there are spaces covered with carpets and curtains, where the sound disperses without echoing.

Photo Source: 10 contemporary living rooms with calm interiors (dezeen.com)

In the same way, we perceive the spaces with the reverberation effect of the sound as larger and larger. Reverberation of sound in public places at a level that does not disturb will increase the publicity of the place.

Photo Source: Breathtaking Interior Images of Copenhagen’s Rare Expressionist Church | Colossal (thisiscolossal.com)

Finally, to mention the place of music in architecture, it is also an architectural gesture to complement well-designed spaces with music. With this gesture, which directly affects the perception of the space, you can create slower or faster circulation spaces. Do not forget that hearing architecture is as important as making it visible.

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