Do you want to get a quality and realistic rendering in a short time? In this article, we will examine one of the most preferred rendering software in this regard, the features that come with the new version of Enscape 3.2.

Dynamic Asset Placement

Dynamic Asset Placement has come with Enscape 3.2 version. It is possible to saving your time and speeding up your design process with this asset. The Enscape Asset Library can now be accessed directly from the rendering window. Whit this new update you may use the Enscape rendering window to choose, insert, and edit assets from the Asset Libraries.

All elements which you add to your render is instantly reflected in your modeling program, allowing you to place assets in both directions. The newest version’s feature makes placing and positioning assets faster and easier.

Batch Panorama

Photo Source: New Enscape Update: 3.2 Now Available! [Features Overview + Tutorial] (
With the latest version of Enscape, you can have render multiple panoramas. After you’ve chosen your views, you can choose to render a picture, a mono panorama, or a stereo panorama. The Enscape toolbar’s export buttons have been updated to support batch rendering for panoramas.

Green Building Assets 

Photo Source: Beautiful Landscape Renders by the Enscape Community (

Enscape supports the sustainable design and architecture. Due to this support, green building assest are exist on Enscape 3.2 version. With the new version of Enscape, you can find assest and various materials for your sustainable buildings. There are many plantings with various scale. Besides, you can add some sustainable vehicles or wind energy turbines in your renders with the latest version of Enscape.

Photo Source: Beautiful Landscape Renders by the Enscape Community (

Sun Shadows

The new version of Enscape include ray-traced sun shadows. Renders can be higher quality for this improvement. More detailed and realistic renders will come with Enscape 3.2 for interior and exterior design renders.

Download 3D Rendering Package

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