What do you listen to in the background while drawing, modeling or sketching? One of the most beautiful aspects of architecture is being able to listen to something in the background while you do your work. In this article, we have listed the best podcasts for you to spend your time productively and enjoyable. All of these podcasts about architecture can be accessed from any platform you want.

Open City 

The Open City Podcast is a free live stream radio broadcast that hosts discussions and various dialogues on the city of London. These dialogues strive to enliven, educate, and make urban discussions more accessible and inclusive. We accomplish this through presenting amazing stories about London’s past, present, and future. The Open City is a cultural forum for discussing the most pressing challenges confronting our city today, as well as celebrating the people, organizations, and stories that make London what it is.

You can listen this podcast on Apple Podcast, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Material Matters

In-depth interviews with a variety of designers, makers, and artists discussing their relationship with a particular material or technique are included in Material Matters. Grant Gibson hosts the Material Matters podcast. You can listen this podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Circular with Katie Treggiden

Circular with Katie Treggiden is a series of conversations with the thinkers and doers of the circular economy – the people who are driving genuine change by challenging the historic “take-make-waste” model of production and consumption and proposing new ways to meet our needs without jeopardizing the planet, other species, or future generations. Season One focuses on the possibility of waste as a valuable new raw resource, while Season Two will look at the importance of mending, fixing, and repairing in a circular economy and in our daily lives.

You can access Circular podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

On Design 

From designers, artists, editors, creative directors, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, the On Design podcast delivers you enlightening interviews with design’s most inspiring individuals. You can listen to the extensive episode catalog and stay up to date on new episodes.

You may access the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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