Snaptrude was created for architects and interior designers as a collaborative design tool.  With data automation, design teams may produce efficient buildings while saving time on sketching. For faster input and approvals, your team may collaborate in real time. The best site of the Snaptrude is based on a web browser, users can access it from any device, anywhere in the globe.

Snaptrude’s push-pull modeling capabilities make designing a breeze. When you design with familiar tools, the groundwork for BIM is laid You can access topographic maps, solar paths, shadow studies or any site data easily.

You can create presentations with ease, using images and 3D dimension drawings. Snaptrude exports to Revit, AutoCAD or other rendering software directly.

Photo Source: SNAPHOUSE® | Architectural Scale Model Building System – SnapHouse

With Snaptrude, you can generate BIM models from mass models. Parametric editing and revisions of drawings are easy to work on Snaptrude. One of the advantages of Snapture is import and export feature. All modeling and drawings can be import to and export from Snaptrude. You may create drawings on AutoCAD, create models on 3Ds Max, SketchUP, Revit or Rhino and import to Snaptrude to create BIM from them.

Large material and furniture library is easy to access on Snaptrude. All architectural elements and materials are exist.

You can create a Snaptrude accound on the website, there is no need to download any application or software. In addition, Snaptrude Pro version is free for students who signed with university e-mail adress.

Photo Source: Modelling Architecture – ´As-built´ Specialist
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