Nana Ayensua Amonoo + Angelica Marzoni
Prague - Czech Republic

Prague’s Old Town showcases several blocks with uniformed orientations. The Old Jewish Museum however, diverts from the obvious orientation of the town. It is slightly tilted to pay homage to the flow of Prague’s river nearby.

Given that the site for the project is situated adjacent the Old Jewish Museum, the new museum adopts both orientations; Namely, the orientation of the old museum and the orientation of the site which is same as the rest of the town. With this, the new museum morphed into several paths leading to the formation of different levels.

The new museum is made up of slow paths (ramps) and faster paths (elevators and stairs). These paths are the main elements to which all other spaces are attached and subsequently composed. Upon entering, one path leads to the upper level, one, directly to the river bank and one more to the underground level. The path leading to the river appears on the ground level at the entrance of the museum but disappears into an underground tunnel which eventually leads to Prague’s river nearby.

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