An architectural concept is a thought, idea, or notion that serves as the foundation of a design project, as well as the engine that propels it forward. It becomes the power and identity of an architectural project’s development, and it is regularly consulted at all stages.

The concept, as a result of all the readings and analysis by the architects, can be define as an idea, thought, abstraction, philosophy, belief, inspiration, intention, theory or hypothesis.

Your concept should affect all aspects of the project, from its proportions to interior effects, from facade design to flooring materials. Each components should be designed and created by a concept in architectural projects.

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How can you generate your concept? Primarily, readings are one of the important studies for the process of the concept development. Readings which include site readings can give the architects various inspirations. You may have many ideas and explore the problems, potentials and opportunities while you are reading on the projects site. Site reading means analysis and the understanding process of the site with its environment, culture, sociology and etc.

The more you try, the more you find. Seeing the 2D and 3D versions of your ideas with scaled sketches and sketch models improves your concept. Sketching is always generate your ideas. Do not afraid to sketch on your sketchbooks or making some 3D models as drafts. You may use any material for your sketch models, it is important to improve your ideas. Making your model in scaled is much more critical at this point.

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Try to understand the others! Before studying on a new project, you should make case studies to understand. Make a case study on projects that are similar to the site you will work on, the initial concepts that formed your first ideas, the programs that will take place in your building, and similar climate and geographical conditions.

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Book Suggestion: Le Corbusier, an analysis of form

Curiosity is essential for creativity. Wonder what Le Corbusier had in mind when designing his building? What was Frank Gehry’s starting point and why? Asking these questions will help you to develop the concept.

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Examining the surrounding buildings, being influenced by their materials, styles and proportions gives you new ideas. Examine everything to find and develop your concept, learn about people’s movements, their lives. Understand the physical conditions and what is done in these conditions, see hard and soft surfaces by making landscape analysis. Work on colors, styles, patterns, textures, and apply the concept you developed in all these aspects of your project.

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