KeyShot is a rendering software that you can get successful renders in a short time. With KeyShot 11, the newest version, its features have been improved. In this article, we will see what is new in KeyShot 11, which is very advantageous for architects to use.

3D Paint

By painting or stamping directly on the surface of your model, 3D Paint allows you to further modify the material and finish of your product. To make more realistic surface patinas, add wear markings, create unique surface weathering, or layer effects to any surface in your scene.

Photo Source: What’s New – KeyShot

Material Management

Material Management and Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) Output are also new features in KeyShot 11. This powerful feature set avoids the time-consuming process of manually aligning rendered output to its associated materials, allowing you to create custom schema, use Material Library information, and quickly prepare ready-to-use “tech packs” for design review.

Photo Source: Exploring CPU & GPU Rendering Performance With KeyShot 9 – Techgage


Mechanics Simulation allows you to capture an object’s physics and use it as a keyframe animation. This tool has completely simulated animations as well as improved scattering object accuracy.

Simulations can be applied to single or many Model Sets, objects, or groups of objects, and parts or the full group can be simulated. Control gravity, friction, and bounce, among other things.

Photo Source: KeyShot Features

Web Viewer

With the new KeyShot Web Viewer, KeyShot 11 makes sharing 3D scenarios a breeze. Upload scenes to KeyShot Cloud and share interactive scenes with others via a single link across browsers, desktops, and mobile devices. For viewing 3D in the web browser and on mobile devices, KeyShot Web Viewer is carefully designed to give the most realistic images and smoothest interactivity possible.

Photo Source:  What’s New – KeyShot

Automating render output, speeding up the development of product variations, and more are some of the applications.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is a powerful new tool that lets you automate a variety of KeyShot workflows using either the KeyShot Scripting Console which has a user interface or Headless Scripting Mode without a user interface. Automating render output, speeding up the development of product variations, and more are some of the applications.

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