Would you like to use KeyShot, the popular rendering software of recent times, in a more practical and efficient way in professional life? With KeyShot Web, you can use KeyShot on many browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Opera and Safari.

KeyShot Web is a collection of solutions that deliver rich, engaging customer-centric visuals for design review, presentation, and point of sale on computers and mobile devices.

The solution is for interactive content directly from the software of KeyShot. It contains KeyShot XR + Web Configurator and Web Viewer.

While KeyShot Web Viewer enables for one-click upload to KeyShot Cloud, KeyShotXR and KeyShot Web Configurator come with an intuitive step-by-step guide. After one-click render, and all the files needed to share internally, embed online, or show in store.

Photo Source: Web – KeyShot

KeyShot Web is ideal for your customers to see different versions of renders in seconds. KeyShot Web allows you to make presentations in an alternative and practical way. It creates the chance to experience different aspects and versions of products and projects closely.

Advantages of KeyShot Web

  • KeyShot XR is consist of 360° Spherical Experience, touch-enabled animated product visuals. The feature of Rotate & Zoom is available.
  • Web Configurator of KeyShot Web contains countless product variations and touch enabled option.
  • With Web Viewer you can share high-definition 3D visuals on the internet by a link.

Photo Source: Web – KeyShot

Download 3D Rendering Box

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