Renderings, one of the most important representation tools, are very realistic and successful with the latest version Lumion 12. To get realistic and high quality renders, you should take a look at the effect sets and features developed with Lumion 12. We all know that getting a quality and good rendering is very effective in presentations, both in professional life and for architecture students. In this article, we will talk about the most important issues in exterio rendering.

Camera View

Photo Source: Tip: 5 steps to great renders from Lumion – SolidCAD

One of the most important things in Lumion is the scene you are working on before rendering. The scene needs to contain the elements you want to show in most renders. For this, it is essential to set the camera angles correctly. You can adjust the camera angle to be either human scale or aerial rendering. We recommend using the camera settings in Lumion 12 and adjusting the lens as you can see it best.


The material affects render quality in many places, from the flooring to the façade  in the exterior design. Editing materials, especially with quality textures and colors, makes the rendering more realistic. It is impossible for a render without material details to represent the outdoors well. It is essential that all elements, including the landscape and the facade of your project, have quality materials.

Photo Source: Beautiful Renders | Image, Video & Panorama | Lumion 3D Rendering


Proper lighting, especially natural sunlight, make exterior renderings successful. Good lighting will better show the landscape and facade of your project outdoors. Adjust the best lighting settings to show the atmosphere in the best way possible. In night renderings, lighting elements should be used in the surroundings as well as good lighting of the interior. Soft and warm colored lights that you will use in the interior and the surrounding lighting elements will make the project atmosphere more liveable.

Photo Source: Tip: 5 steps to great renders from Lumion – SolidCAD


By using the sky effects that come with Lumion 12, you can make your renders look better and successful. For much more beautiful exterior renderings, check out the outdoor effects packs on Lumion’s official website.

Photo Source: Lumion 10 – Official site for Lumion in Lebanon (


Detailed models and renders have always been more successful because the detail of the place shows that it can be lived there. You may work on the details of objects and materials in Lumion 12 that are appropriate to the context of your project for more realistic renders.

Photo Source: Make your designs come alive with Lumion 11.5

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