Metaverse will be a fully digitalized version of the real world where everything may be done. Digital technology would make it possible to do things like go to the office, meet up with friends, purchase and sell stuff, and more. Architecture is not out of this universe, we cannot mention about that.  Of course, this brings to mind questions such as how much money can be made in the metaverse.

In this article, we will talk about the development of metaverse, making money and job salary in the metaverse.

When compared to other careers that have been around for a while, the field of the metaverse architect is rather new. As a result, there is no verified information regarding the typical salary of a metaverse developer or designer.

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The virtual world is now dominated by three metaverses: Sandbox, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxels. Before switching to Cryptovoxels two years ago, Voxel Architects was a digital developer for the Minecraft gaming platform. Since then, they have extended to Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Bileca pointed out that a digital asset in one of the metaverses can cost as much as an actual architecture company, making it a costly purchase. The only distinction was that programmers took the place of engineers.

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“The Voxel team is capable of handling 4 projects per month or 48 projects per year for between $10,000 and $300,000. According to Bileca, “Voxel charges consumers largely in Ether or ERC compliant currencies like USDC.” Depending on how we contract, he continued, “You have to charge a little extra for some of the floating tokens, therefore it is ideal to charge in stablecoins.”

On the list of Voxel’s clients include companies like ConsenSys, a creator of blockchain software, auction company Sotheby’s, and some of the biggest investors in the NFT market, such as Vignesh Sundaresan, also known as MetaKovan, who reportedly paid $69 million for a Beeple NFT last year.”

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How To Increase Your Earning?

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A VR model enables users to see, visit, and even alter the designed building in the virtual world, but a mere 3D model or render cannot fully immerse viewers in a project. Additionally, NFT technology can guarantee the architect’s ownership of this design. Making and selling an NFT VR architectural model thus goes beyond just experimentation and side income. For designers and architects, they represent the possibility of a whole new source of entrepreneurial and creative prospects

In recent years, technology has gotten smaller and more immersive for users. A similar goal is being pursued by metaverse, which combines augmented and virtual reality. The range of employment opportunities in the metaverse has significantly expanded in recent years. This will help you comprehend the breadth of the metaverse.

Since it is a fairly new field but continuously expanding, job seekers, specifically developers are starting to look into metaverse architect job positions. Companies within this field will have varied requirements for employees as well as varied salaries depending on multiple factors. Nevertheless, in order to not ensure that their company attracts top talent without losing too much money, many organizations use some kind of a compensation tool to determine the salary range for a specified position, including the position of metaverse architect.

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According to Architecture Developers make an average of $113k per year, with a minimum base salary of $60k and a maximum base salary of $200k.

In addition, we currently use Web 2.0 technology, which has enabled a variety of devices—including laptops, cellphones, smartwatches, and others—to become interactive and perform many more tasks than they once did alone.

They are interconnected and assist us in a variety of ways by keeping track of our data and sharing it across other platforms. The gadgets will mix AI, AR, and VI features with web 3.0, which will also serve as the foundation for Metaverse, to improve how consumers interact with the internet. Additionally, as we move closer to Web 3.0, the range of Metaverse occupations is expected to expand significantly over the next few years.

Since there is a growing need for metaverse developers, several businesses are already offering annual salaries of around $97,000. After we enter the web 3.0 phase and demand for such developers increases, you can anticipate the numbers to increase even higher.

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