Tomás A. Caeiro D.
Valencia, Carabobo

The place to work, is a sector to the south of the Av. Michelena that connects the downtown, with the  industrial zone, and to the east of Av. Las Ferias, important north-south axis of the city, which is also the line 1 of the Valencia metro. More specifically,a big lot is selected where there are the old facilities of the Branger looms, suitable for recycling, because their environment, which used to be industrial, now shares different uses, without public space and that could be re-empowered by the cultural program.

For the great extension of the old looms, and the need to provide urban connections with the avenues, the metro, and above the river; the project is articulated according to a system of routes; the Promenade Cultural, this in addition to weaving relations with the plot of the city, establishes the connections between the different programs of the museum, becoming the backbone of the circulation of the same, allowing that the different rooms are not sequenced to each other, indispensable requisite for the contemporary art exhibition.
Thus, the ensemble is ordered by this promenade in two compositional axes and five sectors of pre-existing ships clearly delimited in which the rooms of different characteristics are developed, accompanied by new volumes, which with their materiality and spatial configuration contrast and give order to the set, generating borders and necessary limits and providing uses as offices, warehouses, classrooms and stores.
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