Suchit Dilip Mutha
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Revealing the Lost Identity History,  Ahmednagar

Forward : Back in Time But Forward In New way to understand the History

Thesis started with an memory of childhood

Once Ahmednagar was considered in the list of the worlds developed cities and was compared with Mecca and Cairo. There has been a huge transformation.

In current scenario Ahmednagar is relatively small town & shows less development than the nearby western Maharashtra cities of Mumbai & Pune.

In Ahmednagar culture upholds its identity and all historical structures tells a story of its time, thereby history leaving questions for its existence.

Every city needs history to grow, in case of Ahmednagar city there is Golden history but somehow everyone seem to have forgotten this great lineage.

Can history be conveyed ?

Aim : Addresing the lost identity using history as a medium to convey.

Statergy : Addressing the history, using structure as a tool, People as a backdrop in the context of time.

Introduced a game where entire city will be an playing field and all citizens will be participant of the game.

Derived a new framework for an all historical structure by analysing and interpreting the history.

By using Mythology as system of communication to convert history into architecture.

Project is devided in to 3 parts:

City level: Game

Macro level Policy: For Historical structure

Micro level experiment: Farah Baksha

In Ahmednagar we need not start from scratch, we can simply focus on reviving the Old charm and this will act as catalyst.

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