Aditya Bhat
Airoli , New Mumbai, India

The design of offices in the last century has bounced between rigid arrangements and organic layouts, each with limited success. However, with the rise of a new independent workforce, the office has switched from a place of production to a place of interaction. Coupled with this spatial computation method which evaluate spaces with a more human approach. The combination of the two gives rise to a new office typology demonstrated with the design of a new-built collective workspace.

This combination of new ways of working, activity-based settings and multi- locations are beginning to substitute traditional offices, giving way to modern workplaces and new trends are expected to be in line.

Flexibility, need-based space requirement, dynamic spaces that are inspiring both during the day and night, spaces that allow for collaboration – these are some of the ingredients that would make for an apt office space today. So this project looks to redefine the way business spaces have been conventionally looked at.

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