Sureyya DUZGUN
Aydın, Turkey

The project site was located in the geyre neighborhood of Aydin’s Karasu district. The project grounds include the Geyre houses as well as the Museum of Aphrodisias.The province is one of the most important archaeological sites in Turkey.

The arrivals pass through the entrance and face the exhibition of the stone wall ^which exists with the ramp from the effect of the narrow corridor surrounded by bounding walls..

The sculpture workshop in the space experiences the exhibition spaces and goes out to the ‘amphitheatre’ area and provides visual with the interior space.Or from the inside, he can go to the area where the sarcophagi are displayed in the back overlooking the ‘baba mountains’.. When you pass through the entrance to Aphrodisias, there is a direct visual relationship with the museum and the Houses of geyre.

My concept is the privacy that is intended to be created by moving the entrance space forward and limiting it to the walls without having a direct visual relationship with the space.This secrecy is not just about the walls, but the topography,raising and arousing ‘curiosity’, and the spaces designed to be experienced and left to the space.

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