Pablo Rico Guilbert
Alboraya, Valencia. Spain 2019
Polytechnic University of Valencia (ETSA UPV)

We are called the technological generation when in reality we will be the trash generation. The industrial era left a lot of witnesses behind. Architectures and artifacts of a strange beauty. When theses one are abandoned they shine with a special and unique attitude that attract us as insects that fly to the light of their past. Just a few know the beauty that hides behind a defeat. Just a few know the beauty of defeat.

Architecture must stop searching in quarries and forests for materialize its spaces. It has to rummage in the garbage and the trash of the system. There, it will find astonishing artifacts and objects of all kind. The cockpit of a crashed airplane as a living room dome. An old rusty wine tank as a compost station and a water tank. The critical damaged system leaves wonderful objects ready to host our activities and our lives.

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