Silvestre Castellani + Francisco Espósito + Guido Quiró + Emiliano Santagada
Mar Azul, Reserva, Partido de Villa Gesell, Provincia de Bs. As., Argentina.
F.A.D.U. Universidad de Buenos Aires

As first, it is proposed to link the arrival to the beach from the west through a large park that will be a territorial reference in permanent connection with nature, the urbanization and its surrounding areas. Therefore, the east – west / beach – park relationship is promoted, where the arrival at the beach can be measured in the territory. The landscape configuration emerges from the dunes.

The proposal stems from the fixation of the existing dunes, the conjunction of the maximum differences of dimensions is sought in the topography. The higher dimensions will result in a raised walk through the dunes, enhancing the surrounding landscape and through small support interventions (ending in viewpoints), support and emphasize the link with the sea from different points.

A linear park that is understood as a turn in the logic of appropriation of the existing territory. The sea and the dunes become visible, recognizable.

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