Valentin Lagarde

This project is a multimodal pole located at the entrance to the Giens peninsula (South of France). The goal is to change the mobility on the peninsula, but also the practices of the inhabitants. It combines a multimodal pole with a public space and takes into account the rising waters on the peninsula in the years to come.

The use of cars is a major problem of Giens. They overload the territory during the summer with the considerable number of tourists. Cars can be replaced by bicycles, a bus line and many other sustainable modes of transport in the future. The buildings offer a parking level in the ground floor and two free platforms at the upper levels.

These levels may be used to expand the parking when necessary, and also for multiple activities. The multimodal pole proposes a new polarity for the peninsula and wants to change the way of life of the inhabitants. The practices proposed by the public space accompain this transition. The free floors allow flexibility of use in short term : over the seasons, when there are many tourists or not. They also change in a longer term in the years dealing with the rising waters and the evolutions of way of living near the sea. The proposed uses are sustainable and promote local knowledge.

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