Freddie Walkden + Remy Mcleod
@fwfolio + @rm_arch

As the cost of self-builds continues to rise, large scale property development will continue to engulf the housing market thereby stripping homes of any purposeful individuality. KLIPP hands the creative power back to the homeowner, giving them almost unlimited reign over the form and function of their house. Individual construction elements are purchased through an online catalogue of parts with specialised home design software and delivered to the chosen build site.

Existing structural framework and a bolt-on tectonic system allow the owner to build without the extra cost of a large team of specialists due to its structural efficiency and ease of assembly. In addition, the mass production of modular materials would significantly lower their cost.

For sustainability, thermal efficiency and longevity in varying  climates, KLIPP comes only in the buyer’s local vernacular materials, with frame girders available square or round. The result is a community built by its inhabitants, one that changes shape from setting to setting and embeds itself in the existing townscape.

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