Saikat Ghosh
24 November 2019
SPAV, India (School of Planning & Architecture, India)

Cafes are generally small, with just a few tables and a limited menu. This concept proposes a cafe for a location that has sunny weather on most days, providing a space that is both private and open enough for its’ customers. The form development started with two triangles leaning towards each other, which were then converted using a curve to give birth to an irregular curvilinear form. A fabric-like material must be stretched to attain two different heights and form a curve between the two parallel walls.

The wall facing the entrance must be enough to block a clear view from the entrance to the customers, making the cafe tables feel private enough. To bridge the remaining gap between privacy and openness, a tree was placed at the center of the plan – and the pavement was completely changed to grass.

The grass-base is over a groundcover – made of crushed bricks. On completion of the basic AutoCAD drawing and Sketchup model, the life-scale view was then brought into Photoshop to be rendered with humans and vegetation to show scale.

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