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Smog cathedral is a project of speculation and experimental processes. It investigates topics of technologies in construction, environmental preservation and material science that leads to the conception of a metabolic architectural intervention on Gaudi’s casa Mila. 

Sited in the central region of Barcelona and on a structure of great historical and architectural significance, the Casa Mila is transformed into an air remediation and conditioning structure. By drawing on opportunities presented by the unique site, namely its natural passive remediation strategies and abundant footfall, the intervention becomes as much environmentally performative in giving back clean air to the city as it is a beacon for awareness of the state of our ecological landscape. 

The building works by compressing air through the proposed lift shift which is released into a chamber where its filtered with water and then HEPA filters in the second chamber. The cleansed air is then released through the atrium. Further, the contaminated air is segregated into NO2 and O3 which is stored in  the collection chambers. 

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