Mauricio Dall 'Agnol
Balneário Gaivota, Santa Catarina, Brazil
FSG - Centro Universitário da Serra Gaúcha

The place where the proposal is made is located in the municipality of Balneário Gaivota, district of the city of Sombrio until 1995 when it was emancipated through state law No. 10.054. According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) it is estimated that in 2018 over 10,000 people lived in the municipality, but according to the local mayor, this number reaches 35,000 people during the summer season.  The Municipal Human Development Index (MHDI) was 0.728 in 2010 considered high and higher than the 0.699 index registered by Brazil in the same period. Its territory is approximately 148 km² and borders the east with the Atlantic Ocean, one of its main tourist attractions. The Lagoa de Fora region, a specific point where the object of study is located, is a destination known by the inhabitants of the region and neighboring municipalities, since they often frequent the lagoon that gives the place its name, and the venues around it. Even with small increases, the tourism scenario in Brazil has much to advance, a surprising fact is the comparison of the number of international arrivals in Brazil and in the city of Miami.  According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), Brazilian airports obtained in 2017 about 10.6 million landings with international origin, less than the 10.9 million registered by Miami International Airport in the same year. In this context comes the proposal of an architectural complex of hybrid use, which through activities related to culture, gastronomy and tourism, can directly expand the quality of life of the population present in the immediate surroundings of the proposal, and through Gastronomy, materials, artwork and other subtle interventions provide recognition of the history and cultural identity that defines the region.


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