Gumus Cimen
Kayseri, Turkey
@giriftmimarlk + @gumuscimen

The project is located on the south wall of Kayseri Cumhuriyet Square. This area is surrounded by historical buildings and is also a point where the user frequently comes and goes.The fact that the project area is surrounded by two important streets of the city, underpasses, eating and drinking places and historical buildings in the project area make this area important.

The primary goal is to reinterpret the existing building in the center of the project area and the passage inside this building.This passage connects the courtyard, which is the meeting point in the area, and the green area.

However, the passage apparently lost this quality.In the design, this passage is enlarged according to the axes and orientations and turned into slits. These slits are divided into vertical elevations with the help of stairs and ramps. These elevations connect the concert hall and the artist accommodation units to each other in a meaningful way.The function of the building is reflected outside with the ramps and stairs in the outer shell of the building.

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