Samoel Araujo dos Santos
São Paulo, Brazil

The project is located in downtown São Paulo, it is established as an annex for Missão PAZ, a social project that serves the refugee and immigrant population for over 70 years, serves as a host and professional training center, the adopted party It seeks the centrality by developing the construction of the void inside the building, in addition to establishing relationships with the surroundings respecting the heritage recommendations and templates of the nearby buildings.

The urban intervention in the analysis section, foresees the recovery of a public square integrating in a unit kindergarten for children between 2 and 5 years old, explores topographic issues and visual potentials, creating a new public space.

The walkway is the important element for the connection between the pre-existence of the church, the school unit, the building and the reception, allows users to move safely, besides creating a contemplative route of the urban landscape.

The masterplan foresees the displacement of a fire department logistics unit to an empty space under the Viaduto do Glicério , creating an intimate relationship between the building and the road structure element.

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