Elif Su Demirkol + Nihan Ilke Oner + Duygu Dalgic
Aegean Coast, Turkey

Tiny living project is an environmentally sensitive project that offers two different types of living spaces. At the current stage of the project, this project is expected to be located on the Aegean coast of Turkey.The main purpose is to offer a quality and efficient living space to the users within the limited space. Each Module is created for different customers and living types. The forms of the masses are quite prototypical shaped according to the activities that will take place in the fields. Both types of tiny houses are designed in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region and sustainable materials are used.Barn House has a kitchen, bathroom and living room on the ground floor.

Besides that there is an open bedroom on the mezzanine floor. Another important feature of Barn House is the office layout on the ground floor. Users can experience the open space working environment here.Barn House can be thought of as a blend of the classic farmhouses in the region with modern design.Another project, Family House, was designed in the same area.The difference here is that it offers a wide living space as it is produced for families.

There are two bedrooms on the mezzanine floor of the family house. Also the living room, kitchen and bathroom are located on the ground floor.The kitchen has an open plan and interacts with the living room.It is considered that both Tiny projects will be located in a garden area and on the coastal part. In this way, people will be more intertwined with nature and will be able to do different activities.In the next stage of this Tiny house project, it is expected to be a global design and the infrastructure of this design will be within the scope of these two projects. Thus, when choosing Tiny living areas that will be global in the future, it is of great importance that they are compatible and similar to the main foundations of the project.

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