A portfolio is an organized collection of your best work that showcases your skills, capabilities, and accomplishments, especially in a creative field such as architecture where it becomes a requirement and has to be well designed to be able to satisfy the client/firm. Here are the best youtube channels for learning how to make an architectural portfolio.

30×40 Design Workshop

Photo Source: https://thirtybyforty.com/

The fresh graduates from the schools of architecture struggle to fulfill the requirements of the firm to get there. Here is Eric W. Reinholdt, founder of 30×40 Design workshop who talks from building a portfolio to designing the buildings. He demonstrates his proficiency in presenting the work, tips, tools to enhance your skills, and everything that fills you up with professional knowledge. It is the perfect platform for the students and the young graduates and you can’t find any other youtube channels with such diversity of content.


Photo Source: https://landarch.org/members/archihacks/

Archihacks is a youtube channel that is well known for its videos of portfolios presented to BIG and OMA. Canadian Bennett Oh, who previously worked under BIG and OMA, made a video of his portfolio presented to these firms on his channel Archihacks and gained popularity with the videos. If you are passionate about architecture, design, and urban planning and want to improve your skills in the same, it is the perfect place to get into.

Architectural Insider

Architectural Insider has a perfect mix of content for the students and young architects which ranges from simple illustration techniques to the assessment of site features. It has a video on How to design a portfolio in which it explains planning the portfolio to making it in Adobe Indesign.

Blessed Arch

Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/blessedarch?app=desktop

Amidst many youtube channels which makes videos about the skills and tutorial for a portfolio, Blessed Arch is the only channel that gives an understanding of how a portfolio should be. Blessed Arch is a youtube channel run by the recent graduate Rishab Wadhwa, from Manipal University, Jaipur. He gets highly experienced architects from Starchitect firms such as Viviano Villarreal-Bueron and Mariana Cabugueira from OMA and Zaha Hadid respectively to review various portfolios, helping us get a basic understanding of how firms assess portfolios, right from how much time they spend on it to what is frowned upon and what is expected of them.


Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/damileearch

From teaching various things about architecture to giving career advice, DamiLee is an expert in explaining a variety of topics, all related to architecture. DamiLee presented a series of “Everything you need to know”, in which she talked about building a portfolio, publishing it, writing a resume, and some interview tips. DamiLee is so specific about all the topics and you can definitely get better guidance through her videos in building your architecture career.

Let’s Architecture

Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/LETSARCHITECTURE

Let’s Architecture is a channel for those who want to improve their presentation and visualization skills. The videos of James present tutorials on photoshop and other visualization tools and techniques.  His video ‘Portfolio layout review’ presents the components and composition of a perfect portfolio. He also presents his master’s portfolio and gives us an understanding of how to build an effective architectural portfolio.


Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/PhotoshopArchitecture

Photoshop.Architect does not talk about the portfolio, but it talks about photoshop, which is the major tool in building a portfolio. Photoshop.Architect provides tips and tricks in photoshop and PowerPoint and also tutorials on visualization software such as Lumion. Photoshop.Architect has proven its success in proficiency in presentation, and you can seek this page to develop your presentation skills.

Show it better

Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShowItBetter

Show it better should be your go-to channel for learning representation and visualization skills. Rendering software, animating landscape sections to what type of computer architects need. Many Youtube channels shower viewers with rendering videos but not as good as this one. And so, it is immensely useful for students and young architects in building their portfolios with excellent presentations. It also has videos of portfolio reviews by architects from BIG and Upstairs.

Surviving Architecture

Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/SurvivingArchitecture

Now a postgraduate architecture student, Shrourou is based in the UK and has been posting content on her channel “Surviving Architecture” since May 2017. Her five to ten-minute tutorials on designing and visualizing buildings are directed toward fellow students and receive consistently positive feedback for their usefulness, you will definitely appreciate the presenter for her clarity in content.

Unraveling Architecture

This channel tries to unravel the complex world of architecture, design, and art for those who want to learn! If you are interested in learning more about the world of architecture, it is one of the useful platforms. It is the place for helpful tutorials for portfolios, interesting building analysis, student advice, and break-downs of terminologies.


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