Social media consists of platforms where we spend almost all of our screen time on smartphones. We can say that people of all ages and professions use at least one social media account or one of the instant messaging applications. Some people use social media platforms for entertainment, while others use it for commercial purposes or learning. In this article, we will talk about how to use social media in terms of architecture. If you are an architecture student or an architect, read the rest of the article to use social media effectively!

Timing for Architects and Architecture Students

One of the main reasons we address the issue of social media for architects is that timing is critical for architects. Timing is very important for our work and projects to catch up. If you do not plan your week and day well, your time will not be enough to get all the work done. Most architecture students and architectural offices complain about not being able to deliver their projects or being stuck lately. To avoid this problem, you should organize your screen time and try not to waste your time. We can suggest screen time applications if you do not have. With screen time organization, you can arrange the time limits of each social media applications on your phone.

Good Sides of Using Social Media

There good sides of using social media whether you can spend your time effectively. Architects should take the advantageous of social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Instagram has many professional Architecture accounts with millions followers. You can follow this kind of popular and inspirational pages on Instagram. While following beautiful architectural presentations, designers may get inspirations for their works. Also, they have a chance to share their original conceptual and other works. Architects and architecture students meet other architects all around the world thanks to social media. You can take advantage of the good aspects of social media to deliver your projects to a large number of people and to be recognized.

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Have Architectural Accounts on Social Media

As long as you manage your time well, it is possible to be exposed to and produce useful content on social media. We recommend that you highlight your architectural works in order to take a professional place in social media. If you want to have a professional environment and be recognized worldwide, you can use your social media accounts as an architectural portfolio. If you share your works in a certain order at certain intervals, you can become a professional architectural social media user in a short time.

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Instagram for Architects

Instagram is one of the social media accounts where architectural content is shared the most. It is possible to convert your own profile to a professional account. You can use Instagram for both online and freelance work and to make your architectural images popular. As long as you share regular posts and stories, the Instagram algorithm will stand out if you use popular hashtags and produce quality content. It is possible to grow your audience in a short time.

The secret of being popular on Instagram is to arrange the profile layout just like you design an architectural board. The balance and harmony of colors, drawings and writing is very important. A well-designed Instagram profile can get you among popular accounts in very short time.

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Twitter for Architects

Twitter is a social media platform where current ideas are often stated. We recommend you to be famous on Twitter and to follow trending topics for your architectural content to come to the fore. You can tweet to add your architectural images and portfolio, such as Instagram, Behance or Pinterest links via trend topics on Twitter. Architects should have a professional Twitter accounts to express their ideas and share their architectural works.

LinkedIn for Architects

LinkedIn is not an app that will require you to manage or waste your time between social media platforms. LinkedIn is a platform for all occupational groups that only concerns business life and professional profiles. It is possible to share studies, post job advertisements or make job and internship applications, and include your friends in your professional life in your network via LinkedIn. We recommend that you create your architectural profile via LinkedIn. It is possible to manage your LinkedIn profile as both CV and Portfolio.

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