Learning new design methods is actually an inevitable need of every architect and designer today. However, it is not enough just to develop the design style and learn new methods in this regard. Presenting and representing designs is as important as the design itself. What are the ways to learn emerging methods of designing and presenting in design? In this article, we will talk about new design methods that emerge with the advancement of technology in the ever-changing and renewing world. This issue, which affects both architects and designers in other disciplines, is very important for us to keep our design methods and designs up to date.

Of course, there are many ways to do this in the developing world. When learning new design methods, it is important to use the right resources. You can perform the methods and presentation techniques you want to learn online by purchasing online courses or by watching tutorial videos. Our advice in this regard is to take courses at international standards and to work with reliable instructors.

Emerging Architectural Methods

Parametric architecture and the methods used for its production are among the most prominent architectural design techniques in recent years. In addition, a large number of designs and productions have begun to be made in architecture, as in all sectors, for the world of the Metaverse. As in all design disciplines, virtual reality and augmented reality applications also feed architectural design. We recommend both aspiring architects and architects to learn about emerging design methods that are popular lately and are starting to build our future already.

Source: NFTs will be at the (i)heart(blob) of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale | News | Archinect

New Visualization Methods in Architecture

With the presence of software designs in the new world, the presentations of all architectural and other designs now have up-to-date features. Virtual reality and augmented reality have added a new dimension to the presentations of architectural designs. Instantly sharing your designs with customers and giving them a virtual reality experience is a powerful representation method. We recommend every architect to develop their designs with this method in order to offer spatial experiences at the highest level. Another method is augmented reality. It is possible to deliver the 3D version of your 2D designs to everyone with a single click, or to create rendered animations and create content that customers can follow on the screen.

Why Do We Need New Methods?

Do we have to learn new methods? Does every architect have to improve himself and keep up with the developing technology?

If you ask us, the answer is yes! Because architecture is a discipline that concerns not only the project owner but also the whole society and has not only artistic but also social and global effects. Why should our design methods and presentation techniques be left behind when we are working in such global and social areas? Of course, architects need to change their architectural presentation methods in accordance with the standards in renewed technology. We recommend that architects who have not yet met the concepts of NFT and Metaverse should learn it as they have the opportunity to work in these areas in the coming years.

We need to keep ourselves as up-to-date as possible while learning new architectural design methods and presentations. It is essential to be open to learning, especially parametric architecture, virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence design and Grosshopper. Although artificial intelligence will greatly facilitate the work of architects and designers in design in the coming years, it is beneficial to gain expertise in this regard already. Even though gaining the ability to realize a design with artificial intelligence distinguishes you from other architects today, everyone will be doing it in the future. For this reason, try to follow emerging design methods and develop yourself.

Source: What Is NFT Architecture and How Is It Different from Regular 3D Models? | ArchDaily

How Do We Enhance Our Design Methods?

How should we develop ourselves in new design and representation methods? If you really want to learn something, you have to be genuinely curious first. Our advice to you is to research them thoroughly before deciding which of these new design methods you want to learn. Find the one you are most curious about and go for it. If you are very curious, you want to know every detail. Thus, you will discover the most suitable method for your learning. You can gain this ability by participating in online courses, tutorial videos or training that require you to learn the job. But the important thing is to be genuinely curious and willing to learn.

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