Architectural drawing symbols play a significant function in any architectural drawing, contributing in the definition of components such as floor levels, lighting sources, and service areas. Electrical layouts, in particular, need a number of various objects and acronyms, and symbols, when coupled by a key, give a simple way of identifying their placement, kind, and function.

Every architect needs symbols like this to indicate the main information in their drawings, however their appearance varies from company to company. They might be difficult for people who are not architect or civil engineer, but they are critical when attempting to imagine your finished project using a set of architectural drawings.

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Why Do We Use Drawing Symbols?

According to Michael Bell Architects, a renowned architect in Sydney, the use of architectural drawing symbols is a universal practice essential for all architects. These standardized symbols are recognized globally, despite slight variations that may exist due to different drawing styles. In this article, we will delve into the significance of these symbols, offering insights into their application and understanding, thus underlining their pivotal role in the architectural profession.

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These symbols, which are known all over the world, are used in technical drawings of architectural projects, representation of all service personnel in electrical projects, and lighting drawings. In the continuation of the article, we will see the symbols included in architectural technical drawings, symbols used in lighting drawings and electrical project drawings and which are largely universal.

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Architectural Technical Drawing Symbols

Architectural technical drawings primarily include plan and section drawings. The symbols used in drawing floor plans, master plans and site plans are almost the same for each country. The symbols you’ll see in the example below are symbols used to show levels on plans. You can show the elevation levels on the plans by choosing any of these symbols.

Credit:Architectural Drawing Symbols – archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources

In the example below, you can see the symbols used in the roof, window sections and the view. Level symbols used in the plan are also in the same drawing language in the views and sections. For architects and engineers studying technical drawings, it is very important to prepare clear and understandable drawings. For this reason, the symbols you use should be simple and understandable, and consistent in terms of cross-sections and plans.

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Lighting Drawing Symbols

Lighting elements have a very important role, especially for interior drawings. It is possible with these symbols to show which lighting type is selected in the technical drawings and what features it has in the project. Examine the table of lighting elements where you can see all types in the image below. You can draw lighting types in your projects by preparing the DWG formats of these symbols or using the ready-made symbols. You can prepare a legend similar to the table below to show which symbol corresponds to which lighting type in the project drawings. Do not forget that the symbols and texts you will use in the legend are legible, it is extremely important for your field colleagues who will implement your project.

Credit:Architectural Drawing Symbols – archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources

Electrical Drawing Symbols

Next are the symbols used for electrical projects. These signs are used all over the world to symbolize all electrical elements and electronic connections included in the architectural project. You have to use these symbols to represent every element in your plan drawings, from electrical sockets to TV connections to electrical panels. Since you, as an architect, have covered every detail, or rather every point, of your projects, the best way to convey these details is to use symbols.  With electrical drawing symbols, you can show the types of electrical socket in the room and location of electrical panels or any detector that you have decided.

Credit:Architectural Drawing Symbols – archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources

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